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    Offers everything you need to generate increased demand for your pediatric, oncology & diagnostics products in Pakistan & Afghanistan.

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    Meeting customers' requirements in a fast and reliable manner is our strength. Availability & Visibility is our identification.

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    * Sales & Marketing

    * Exceptional Retail Services

    * Excellent Wholesales Penetration

    * Merchandising Expertise

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We Sales Colorful & Long Life

A caring company of your whole family, by providing you Organic food.

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Burgeon Macrobiotics

Our expertise are exceptional, in Vaccines, Cereals, Oncology and Diagnostics Sales, Marketing

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We Are

In Pediatric, Oncology and Diagnostic field


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MIS & Others :

As a renowned House of distribution in Pakistan we utilizes the Market Intelligence System to helps manufacturers get up to date market information. This highly analytical data helps our principals to design and update current strategy to get maximum market share, as well as this data also help them in future forecasting and launching new products that have the greatest potential for success and growth.

We are a leading retail & wholesale distributor and marketer of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in Pakistan with an excellent track record of 14 years. The company’s proven Market Intelligence Systems give competitive edge to manufacturer’s products. Currently we are handling a wide range of pharmaceutical and health care products of MNCs & NCs


Our Journey 30 years’ experience. Availability & Visibility is our strength

Whether you require sales & marketing support or distribution, Burgeon Macrobiotics’ is here to assist you at every step from product launch to mange a successful products’ life cycle in Pakistan & Afghanistan. ”


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