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    Meeting customers' requirements in a fast and reliable manner is our strength. Availability & Visibility is our identification.

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We Sales Colorful & Long Life

A caring company of your whole family, by providing you Organic food.

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Burgeon Macrobiotics

Our expertise are exceptional, in Vaccines, Cereals, Oncology and Diagnostics Sales, Marketing

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In Pediatric, Oncology and Diagnostic field


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Our Corporate Wisdom :

Burgeon Macrobiotics: Our Ambition

Meeting customers' requirements, in a fast and reliable manner.

Burgeon Macrobiotics have started in Dec 2012, the vaccine & Cereals Division was incorporated to manage Apex vaccines’ & Cereals house brands, to ensure focused sales and marketing activities to tap on the business potential of the infants & children market. The vaccine & cereals will together will create synergetic results, as primary customers of both therapeutic classes of health professionals & consumers are same, and currently one company in each sector are enjoying almost all the shares in both cereals & vaccine market.


Specialized Divisions.


Vaccine & Cereals Division:

Under the umbrella of Burgeon Macrobiotics Vaccine & Cereals Division will sales and marketing pediatric vaccine and baby cereals. The company recognizes this sector as an important growth opportunity providing health professionals with new, essential vaccines and Cereals, particularly organic cereals, as well as tapping into increasing public awareness in self-management of their children health; this will further expand vaccine and cereals market.

We are planning to launch our first nutraceutical products range by February 2014 and baby cereal by May, 2014, and in this connection our marketing research team is working day & night to acquire sole marketing & distribution rights of renowned cereal hoses. We are expecting to take up to 7% share in launching year of cereal market. And subsequent year it will reach 10% and more. Launching of pediatric vaccine will take at least one year as to get products registration and other regulatory requirements are major hurdle, but we are confident that by Mar, 2014 we will launch our vaccines in Pakistan market.

Diagnostic & Oncology Division:

This Division, with a combined strength of pharmaceutical and diagnostics experiences, will continue to be at the forefront of new treatment guidelines in oncology and economical generic products by WHO approved sites and technological advancement in diagnostic, offering convenient and invaluable solutions to healthcare professionals and home users at an affordable price as well as solid service support. The tagline of the Division, “fast, accurate, convenient and economical” encapsulates this vision of enhancing healthcare with new technologies.


Our Journey 30 years’ experience. Availability & Visibility is our strength

Whether you require sales & marketing support or distribution, Burgeon Macrobiotics’ is here to assist you at every step from product launch to mange a successful products’ life cycle in Pakistan & Afghanistan. ”


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