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    Offers everything you need to generate increased demand for your pediatric, oncology & diagnostics products in Pakistan & Afghanistan.

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    Meeting customers' requirements in a fast and reliable manner is our strength. Availability & Visibility is our identification.

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    * Sales & Marketing

    * Exceptional Retail Services

    * Excellent Wholesales Penetration

    * Merchandising Expertise

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We Sales Colorful & Long Life

A caring company of your whole family, by providing you Organic food.

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Burgeon Macrobiotics

Our expertise are exceptional, in Vaccines, Cereals, Oncology and Diagnostics Sales, Marketing

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We Are

In Pediatric, Oncology and Diagnostic field


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About Burgeon Macrobiotics :

Today as a Pharmaceutical & consumer distributor we are a progressive supplier, specializing in a range of pharmaceutical, Bio, vitamins and nutrition products. Over the years, since our inception we have been responsible to have introduced into the market some of the best known services to satisfy our principals and customers. We distribute safe and evidence based pharmaceutical products without compromising on the quality of distribution.


As a pharmaceutical & Consumer distributor, we know better how to get to the right market at the right time with the right market intelligence thus ensuring success of our distribution and your products. We have in-depth knowledge of the market coupled with excellent rapport built through the last 14 years with both the Chemists, government and private hospitals, private family physicians and both chain and individual pharmacies further ensures the immediate acceptance and success of your products.


Our Journey 30 years’ experience. Availability & Visibility is our strength

Whether you require sales & marketing support or distribution, Burgeon Macrobiotics’ is here to assist you at every step from product launch to mange a successful products’ life cycle in Pakistan & Afghanistan. ”


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